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We understand the renewable energy industry.


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Renova Energy Capital is a leading independent renewable energy developer
headquartered in London with current operations in Europe, Asia and America.
The company has originated an extensive portfolio of exploration and development of
utility-scale power generation projects consistent with its strategic plan which
sets a target of 1000 MW of installed renewable energy projects by 2020.

Renova is achieving this ambitious target thanks to a network of skilled and
reliable international partners which are supporting its growth plans through
operational excellence and unprecedented capabilities.


Our business fundamentals

  • Strong growth market

    The aim of Renova is achieving a market leadership in the renewable energy sector.
    The company will create value for future generations by providing solutions that
    meet growing energy demand.

  • Committment and diversification

    We are dedicated to guarantee a clean and sustainable future for generations to come.

  • People and community engagement

    We believe in builing transparent relationships with local communities, respecting
    traditions and supporting commong goals for growth.

  • Innovation and diversification

    The company pursues innovation to secure the highest level of efficiency. We
    mitigate risks through geographical and technology diversification.


Renova deploys advanced organizational models and unprecedented expertise to achieve value creation and competitive advantage.

Phase 1 - Origination and Feasibility

We operate through two levels of analysis. At the regulatory level we process and scrutinize massive data to select project opportunities in high growth markets. At the site and resource level a more accurate study is conducted to ientify viable projects.

  • Market analysis/electricity purchase price
  • Energy policies and regulations review
  • Country profile and investment climate
  • Preliminary resource potential assessment
  • Preliminary site analysis and land eligibility

Phase 2 - Project Development

Once the pre-feasibility is achieved, we advance to the design and execution of the project. Renova ensures that the project cycle follows high quality standars to mitigate risks and achieve a successful completion.

  • Local partner selection and special purpose vehicle incorporation
  • Project siting and land acquisition
  • Resource potential assessment
  • Licensing and permitting
  • Power Purchase Agreements negotiations

Phase 3 - Value Creation and Capitalization

The final stage is asset capitalization through construction and operation of the projects. Renova financing strategy encompasses both equity injection or financial partnership with primary utilities or investment funds.

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Project financing
  • Strategic partnerships with utilities and investment funds
  • Plants operations



Engaging in open and honest dialogue with surrounding communities to give
individuals a voice and to help alleviate potential issues or concerns.

Energy access

Bringing electrical power to rural an remote areas through rural electrification projects for poor communities


Protecting and enhancing the physical and social environments surrounding project development sites.


Carrying out daily business activities in an honest and reliable manner that establishes trust with our partners and stakeholders.

Climate Change

Providing solutions to mitigate global warming as well supporting the action for the reduction of GHGs emissions.

Poverty alleviation

Significantly contributing to alleviation of poverty in the poorest countries with special projects committed to reduce hunger, empowering people, provide education and health.

Renova is an independent energy developer with a pipeline of 1 GW

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